Primo Chalk


Primo Chalk is the first company in three years that’s made me switch chalk companies. This speaks a lot coming from a girl who is stuck in her ways. It only took a few weeks after 05_1lb_loose_a_1024x1024testing their product to notice what a difference it made in my training experience and skin health.

They’ve included essential oils and antibacterial ingredients in their formula. This helps to avoid drying out your skin, it protects your hands from germs and improves your grip! You’d be surprised how many chalk companies don’t focus on the importance  of your healthy skin and how it affects performance.

Since using Primo Chalk my hands have been way healthier. I’ve notice a significant decrease in injuries to my hands including softening calluses and tears. All caused just from my hands being too dry and forcing it to take much longer to heal.


When I first read about there product I thought to myself “But isn’t dry better? Doesn’t it help with friction?” WRONG. You don’t have to sacrifice your skin just to have that sweet friction. Primo Chalk has improved my friction and I chalk up two time LESS than before!

07_1lb_loose_a_1024x1024On top of saving all that money, they’ve bumped it up one more notch by building your own subscriptions so you never have to worry about running out again! I’ve been there before, running out and having to settle for someone else’s chalk. It can make your whole training experience that much worse. Their subscription is customizable and includes a special discount. First time customers also get there own special savings, and they run free shipping on all orders almost 100% of the time.

They have more information on there website. Including comparisons to other chalk, personal athlete reviews, and many pro tips, articles and videos. All to learn how to get the most out of your training experience with Primo Chalk!