Photo Apr 09, 2 07 47 PM

Left: Squirrel Rock, PA – Right: Safe Harbor, PA

My names Alex, I’m currently a 26 year old female living with a bipolar 2 diagnosis and a passion for climbing and breaking the mental illness stigma. I’ve gone through my ups and downs of medications, doctors, and judgment from family, friends, and employers to finally reach a point of acceptance. I had a big problem believing this disorder would hold me back from my future. I’d like to be an example to anyone suffering with a mental illness that is doesn’t have to hinder you from living the life you want. I’d like to bring a bigger awareness of the mental health factor to the climbing community and share some of my personal struggles and how my disorder and climbing go hand in hand to help keep me stable.

I’ve been traveling across the country since May 2017 to challenge my personal limits with my both my bipolar disorder and my climbing career. I’ll talk mostly about the processes I’ve gone through to plan this as well as sharing my experiences on the trip. It will cover all the training and dieting I go through to prepare my body to climb at the best of its ability. I’ll go over  techniques, throw in some gear reviews and the process of getting prepared right down to the financial aspect and having stability.  Plus cover the main point, my bipolar disorder, and how my moods are affecting my day and how I  overcome them. It should be mentioned that I’m traveling by myself (plus my dog) and I’m currently living an unmedicated life and plan to continue for the duration of the trips.

2015-11-03 17.00.41

Jessie-My one and only-Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, 3years


If you have any questions, thoughts, ideas, or simply would like to express your story with your own diagnoses you can email me at climbingformentalhealth@gmail.com

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