Seneca, WV

2017-07-24 20.12.33I had a great time in Seneca! The weather was beautiful (when it wasn’t raining) but luckily us ladies know how to have a great time. :) I had never been to Seneca, nor really researched, so what to expect was left to surprise. Beautiful mountains of green with walls of rock sticking straight out the top. It was wonderful! And so interesting to climb on. This trip wouldn’t have been as enjoyable without Blue Ridge Mountain Guides showing us the way. Grant and Andrew were such knowledgeable and friendly guides! They even pointed us to the “Church of Immaculate Reception” :p so we could stay connected through the weekend.

We climbed some solid routes at North Fork, got some multi-pitch in and hiked to the peak! All of this with scattered rain throughout the day. By the time we reached the peak we were in the middle of a thunderstorm. Made it quite an exhilarating experience!

2017-07-24 20.59.25


Sara, Elvie, and Melinda, you ladies are so empowering to adventure with! I hope for many climbing trips in the future with you. Plus your vegan foods make my taste buds go crazy! 🙂



For an update: I have some changes in store, and new trips planned. Tomorrow I head back to the Red, hoping the humidity is feeling generous. Making changes to my schedule, surroundings, and being in the presence of people more often has definitely helped my anxiety and depression in the long run. Turns out extended solitude was not for me. Jessie is doing much better too after going to the vet and getting some R &R. In the past month this girls been bit by a dog, suffered heat stroke, and got her face into a wasps nest! Each time shes brushed it off and dealt with it like a champ.


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