Acadia National Park, ME

instagram (10 of 21)I got to spend about a week in Acadia and other parts of Maine visiting friends. I was stunned by all the beautiful views I got to see. Pretty much around every corner there were landscapes of lakes, different beaches, forest and more! It was the first time during my travels where I felt I was witnessing something great. My anxiety had been much lower that week, so it played a part too. We camped at Schoodic Woods campground where they have pretty much pamper you with everything including WiFi that reaches the campsites, just no showers. It’s located on the Schoodic Peninsula, the smaller section of Acadia. Less traveled with tourists but everything is still easy to get to and clearly marked. Its an easy 6 mile loop following the coast that can take you to the beaches or trails further inland.

The other parts of Acadia see way more traffic. It was about a one hour drive to the main peninsulas where we spent a few days. I was able to get some bouldering in at Echo2017-06-29 13.25.48 Lake and Gorham Mountain with not many passerby’s. Ten to twenty foot beautiful granite boulders with real easy access in the middle of the forest. We checked out Otter cliffs but the crowds were just way to big for my comfort zone and Jessie’s. We did enjoy watching though. Would love to go back later with a local and no dog.

Acadia was followed by a weekend of hooping and canoeing in Maine, and then some bouldering at Pawtuckaway State Park in New Hampshire. Definitely one of the most successful trips I’ve had so far, and week too! Emotionally, I really needed the pick me up. It definitely helps when having good company around. Thank you to all my New England friends that helped me with a place to stay and being my guide! It wouldn’t have been the same experience without you.


I really encourage anyone to take a trip to Acadia or Maine in general. You wont be disappointed and I cant wait to go back! Check out some of the views!


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