Adirondacks, NY

2017-06-08 21.22.35The Adirondack mountains are so breathtaking when you first enter. It was more beautiful than I had imaged. I was lucky enough to find a great campsite next to the lake about a mile hike from the car. Unfortunately the weather was not cooperative and I was still dodging the rain (from the Gunks).  I spent some time in a hotel to get a break from it. I’m still trying to rain proof my tent. It can handle a few days in the rain, but at this point it had almost been over a week and a half with 2 more weeks of rain left. Most of my belongings were wet and cold and it just wasn’t a pleasant or uplifting time. My anxiety had been really high, I was feeling really insecure about myself and it was one of those times I felt like I couldn’t do it.

The time in the hotel helped me. I was able to shower and cook food using more than one burner, and not to mention perks of a bed and free WiFi. I definitely took advantage and was grateful to have the amenities I did. I waited to see if the forecast would clear up to return or if I should just move on to the next location. Thankfully the rain did break with about two days to spare.

2017-06-08 21.13.44

The Daks were much sweeter to us the next time around. It rained in the morning but was sunny by the time we arrived. It was the first time we had seen the sun in a week and a half!  We hiked back to our original spot, set up camp and checked out some of the surrounding areas. Everything was still soaked, and the trails were flooded. So I opted to spend the rest of our time hiking what was manageable.

The spring season is putting a damper on my climbing. I haven’t been able to climb in a little over a week. I can tell its affecting my mood a lot so I’ve been trying to cope with it just by hiking and staying active. I came to Vermont with the goal of sending at least 3 lead solo projects. Its beautiful here with gorgeous rock and it would’ve helped me get out of my rut. BUT, yesterday when I arrived I had an accident (non climbing related) and injured my hand. At first I thought it was my last two fingers, but after waking up this morning and seeing where it was swollen and bruised. Its clearly my hand. I’m not sure if it’s broken, I just know its not very useful right now.

I’m hoping it will heal up just enough to get some climbs in before I leave Vermont. I wouldn’t care if it was on the last day. But until it’s better I can spend time hiking, exploring the town, and eyeing up routes. Feels like this trip is more “Hiking for Mental health” right now.

I’ve learned that life on the road will humble you, it will challenge you, and really show you what your capable of. You need to be ready for change at any moment and you have to be able to adjust quickly and appropriately to move on. It’s much easier said than done. But you get to see so many great things a long the way. You choose to enjoy them or not, but they still leave an impression on you.

2017-06-08 21.43.54

I’m thankful for anyone who has helped me in the last week/week and half. Whether you reached out to me by phone or text message, sent me funny videos to distract me, or gave my assignments to keep my brain occupied. They helped greatly and don’t go unappreciated.



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