The Gunks, NY

It’s only been four days since I left the Gunks and it feels like weeeeeks. With spring still in season we were able to have decent weather for most of the week regarding the rain. I2017-05-30 17.43.35

was blessed with two lovely ladies visiting me and giving me some much needed time away from my solitude. Made me really miss all the empowering women in my life. I love doing all my solo trips, but sharing it makes it that much more enjoyable (something I’m relearning). I’m glad I was able to show them around for there first time in the Gunks. Any place that offers trad and bouldering in the same area makes me a happy kid. It’s nice to switch back and forth, to take a break from any problems and focus on both endurance and power. Which is pretty much what I did all week.

This trip is definitely kicking my butt, physically and emotionally. My body is still adjusting to being 5 times more active and my muscles can feel it. Funny thing is, it’s not mostly from climbing, but from all the hiking with weight. At least I’ll be well rounded 🙂

2017-05-25 18.12.16

Emotionally, when my friends visited in the beginning of the week I was definitely more uplifted and positive. I’m so grateful for the friends in my life, especially these two. Our relationships have formed solely around climbing but our personalities and energies are so similar it felt like we were synchronized the whole trip. I’m glad you two had a great time!

2017-05-25 13.29.36

It literally started to rain a few hours after they headed home, so along with that cloud of “lonely” above my head it was a challenge getting back into my groove. I’m reminded that I need to stay as busy as possible and communicate with people along the way to remain somewhat sane.

I stayed at Creekview Campsites (about 20 minutes from the Gunks) since the MUI and camp slime are closed and the AAC campground doesn’t allow dogs 😦 Being at campgrounds during the week gives it a much different vibe than if you were to just stay on the weekends. I was able to make a good friend along the way that reached out, made me food, and took on jessie as a new friend. Not everyone will do that.  Open mind, open personality, and open conversation is what makes talking to strangers so fulfilling to me. I’m glad my social anxiety is (mostly) something in my past.

PS. I take a lot of pictures and I’m not ashamed. Feel free to check them out!

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