Delaware Water Gap, NJ

This morning we woke up and took in one good last view of the Delaware Water Gap before heading out to the Gunks. It’s been a week full of adjustments, set backs, and emotions, but it’s just the first week. I guess until this point I only ever thought about the transition period after the trip, like going back into reality, not vise versa. But I did plan for bumps in the road which is what I considered this week to be.
Jessie getting cool on the ATUnfortunately didn’t get to climb at the Gap. They’re few access trails, both walk-ins and rappel. I couldn’t locate the walk-in hikes even with a guide book and MP. It wasn’t till a day ago when I finally saw other climbers and located the trail I needed to be on. At that point, with this 90 degree heat & humidity, I decided to pass. Me and Jessie had already been hiking the Appalachian trail, Dunfield Creek, and the steep trail on MT Tammany – the climbing trail was even steeper.
Jessie’s been able to get muddy and play in the water every day here. And we’ve seen a bear cub, 3 herds of dear, lots of toads, and turkey vultures. Mix that with the beautiful hikes and I’d say we had a good time. šŸ™‚
The first few days were a little rough emotionally. Starting right after crossing the PA/NJ border I got seat belt checked. (eye roll) After that, the free camping area that I was supposed to stay at, still had all their “closed for the season” signs up with “no camping” posts all over. After having a good 10 minute panic attack, we eventually found another (pricy) place to stay. With all the chaos in the first couple days I didn’t really have time to process what was going on. So my emotional transition sort of went from “I’m good, no worries” to “why the fuck am I doing this?” The solitude has made coping with my anxiety a little more challenging but in a good way. I’m relearning how to calm myself down and deal with my anxiety in the moment without another persons help. Still nowhere close to 100% but it’s something. My boyfriend is still my go crutch when I need a little reminder that things will be okay.

Appalachian Trail, Mt TammanyAnother contributor to my mood is weather… and it’s HOT here. The heat and humidity weren’t helping, but after my couple days of ups and downs, things started getting better. Then finally the weather eased up and it was like I was back to my normal self again. All within the span of 5 days.
So.. onto the next week šŸ™‚ Gunks through me a curve ball, wasn’t aware the MUA was closed since I’ve been in MI this past year. Super sad šŸ˜¦ Luckily, that’s an easier fix than NJ. I’m stoked to be back at the Gunks!

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