Some light my climbing journey has brought to me- I’ve had the opportunity to become a Primo Chalk ambassador and soon to be affiliate. Since working with them and checking out there 2017-02-18-23-00-13product I’ve fallen in love and realized what all the excitement is about! It’s a pretty big deal for me, a girl who is stuck in her ways and doesn’t change things up. I’ve been using the same chalk for the last 3 years. (I’ve tried others) Nothing made me switch till I found Primo.

They’ve made such an impact in the climbing, cross fit, and power lifting world since it started. It’s impacted my climbing and technique in such a great way. Slopers have become my friends again 🙂 and without Primo I’m sure I’d still be struggling. It lasts twice as long as my old chalk and with all the essentials oils included my hands no longer feel so rough and dry after training. 15253651_1339573556061587_5905883602862319311_n

To see for yourself you can watch videos, read reviews and get great new customer offers by visiting —> here


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