Thoughts 💭 

Depression and mania have brought collections of notes like these into my phone. I was going through them the other day so here’s one:

Do you ever stop and think real hard one day, and realize everything you ever wanted to do or be, is exactly who you are right now? The person you always wanted to be. 

But what if you don’t like who you’ve become? It’s not what you thought. You’d rather be something else, believe in something else. The price your paying or have paid is too much and you didn’t realize it till now, when it’s too late. 

But your too afraid, and too selfish to change or walk away. Because you tried so hard to be this person, that you don’t know how to be or do anything else. 

….Or it could be that the person you’ve become is actually great. What you’re really afraid of is what’s to come. So you analyze and search your thoughts for any reason to to justify that it’s a negative change. 

Just thought I’d share. ❤

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