What are you thankful for?

images-5Things I’m thankful for today: Food, wine, food, love and oh did I mention FOOD. All the food. So much I’m gonna eat today. 🙂 and I’m thankful for the bed I’m going to  crash in when I’m done.

A friend asked me the other day what were the five things I love the most and in a way they’re also what I’m thankful for. Myself, my mom, my dog, climbing, and my friends. I think everyone should be thankful for themselves. As self centered as that sounds, you have so much to offer. Be thankful for your opportunities and realizing what you can work by learning more about yourself. Be thankful for the good attributes you have and for the vibe you’re able to bring unto others. From that alone you’re putting positivity out into the world causing a chain reaction that can affect many others.  .

2014-09-10-09-11-22My mom goes without saying. She is the reason I’m here today and shes the reason I turned into the person I am. Shes worked her butt off endlessly providing for me when I was growing up while being a single parent. She never stops succeeding and has been such a great example of what a strong, independent, resilient woman is. Shes helped me out in so many ways to figure out the paths in life I wanted to choose. Shes been patient and understanding, and most of all supportive. Even though sometimes it feels like we cant be in the same state at once, she is always there for me.

2016-05-19-17-01-36My little Jessie girl. My Jezebel, my ridge, my pumpkin spice, and scooby doo. My rock. A 1 year old underweight and abused Rhodesian Ridgeback mix I rescued 3 years ago has in turn saved me from a lot of hard times. Without her knowing, she has contributed to my stability even when I was at my worst. She was the reason I got out of bed every morning, and she was the reason I didn’t stop no matter how bad the depression was because I needed to provide for both of us. I’m so happy to be able to take her around the country with me and turn her doggy dreams into a reality. Because we all know every dog just wants to be outside roaming free with there leader. ❤

Climbing as we all know is my passion. A sport I never thought I’d ever be able to do. At one point hiking with my ex husband and seeing people climb for the first time I was so mesmerized and inspired, but at the same time telling myself I could never have that life. 2 years down the road and I ended up in the same climbing spot for my second (or third?)  outdoor climbing trip and realized I had actually made that dream come true without realizing. I was standing in the exact spot I was when I thought I would never be able make it happen. I’m thankful for everything climbing has brought into my life. The community, people, the lessons, the strength, but most of all the affects its had on my mental game. It teaches you to think, to analyze, to be a problem solver and persevere, and most importantly it teaches you about yourself and your ego. All things I’m now applying in my life outside of climbing and its made a big difference with my personal relationships.

Lastly, my friends. I’m thankful for all of them, my few close ones, my new ones, my old ones, even the ones I don’t talk to anymore. Every single one of you has played a role in my life. You’ve contributed in some way to where I am today. I’ve learned lessons from you, I’ve sought advice from you, I’ve looked up to you and used you as examples for who I’d want to be and how I can do better for myself. You’re all so different, unique and have so many things to bring to the table. It makes me happy to see you guys succeed and live life to your fullest potential. I’m always here to be that positive speaker when you need one, or just an ear to vent.Were all blessed to have each other in out circle.

What are you thankful for? 

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