November Update

Fall has finally arrived here in Michigan.:) All the different colors are giving me positive vibes. The past month has been busy and fun filled, with lots of great memories. I’ve also hit some important date milestones that snapped me back into crunch time. The first week in November marked my six month mark. So six months until I finally get to take off on my trip around the country. It’s been a stressful past year finalizing all the planning (and still finalizing) that I know I can say confidently that I’m as prepared as I can be. Anything else that arises while I’m on the road, I have enough experience to overcome and find a solution easily.

2016-11-04-21-44-14Don’t be confused though, as much as I am excited and ready to get started, I’m also terrified. It is a big step to take and a big commitment to make. Traveling and moving around is something I’m use to by now. This will just be at a much quicker pace and related to camping instead of moving, I feel like it won’t take me long to adjust. On the other hand, the biggest change that I’ll go through is quitting my job of almost 9 years. I’ve gone through a lot of ups and down with my company but since its been such a long time, I’ve learned so much about loyalty, integrity, leadership, and quick adjusting. Its also given me the time to figure out what I really want to do, while still being able to earn income, build a foundation, and go to college to further my career. Even though I’m comfortable where I’m at, I realize my potential and where I want to use it, and it needs to be spent in an outdoor field inspiring and helping people. So when that time comes to leave, it will be a big change for me, and a complete contrast in lifestyle from working everyday, to having a completely free schedule. Being the busy body that I am  and always having a million things to do, I might need to work on a plan to make that transition easier. Even though most of my time will be spent hiking, or climbing, and driving (lets be honest), I’ll need something to keep my mind busy during my down time and rest days. Reading and blogging will definitely take up most of that time. Since figuring this out I’ve realized that I wont be able to completely finish my last semester in school before taking off. At first I panicked because it wouldn’t be realistic for me to push my trip back any longer. For time and travel purposes. But then I finally cleared my mind and realized this was a solution to my problem. Online schooling is my favorite form because I can do it on my own time and also on the go. Which meeeeeans, I’m able to do it on the road. So I can work towards finishing my degree while I’m also out there climbing  and supporting my mission. Thankfully theirs free wifi in many places and everything I need for school I’m able to save to my computer and work offline. So flashing to the future, I’m looking forward to sitting at my campsite calming down from a day out and looking into whatever valley or forest I’m in while being able to work on school. Is that the life?

Something else this six month crunch time has me stressing about is my itinerary. I know I’ve been slacking, or procrastinating, but I’ve set a goal to be finished with it before Christmas. This way when I’m talking with companies or organizations I can finally have it to show them instead of feeling incomplete in my presentation. I’ve reached out to some climbers I know around the country that have been kind enough to help me out with selecting areas and offering advice. I’ve been really grateful for all the amazing people this trip has brought into my life. Whether its through blogging, talking mental illness, or the climbing community, the vibes are good!

The next important date that just passed is my 1 year anniversary in Michigan! Longer than I intended, but still no regrets. Fall here is beautiful and I’m ready to experience another winter. The past month I’ve gotten to enjoy visits from my mom and my best friend. Reminding me of where I came from and how much has changed in the last year, but forever grateful for there support and love.


In the last month I’ve also been able to gain more free time which has helped me focus and bring some of my positivity back up. For about two weeks I was pulling night shifts at work which anyone with bipolar or mental illness knows could be dangerous to your stability. After expressing concerns with my boss, but still really wanting to do it, I actually surprised myself and handled it pretty well. I was a zombie by the end, and I could feel my mood shift a little but it wasn’t something I couldn’t handle. Recently coming off my Prozac and experiencing psychosis symptoms before that, it’s a pretty scary thing to think you might trigger that again. But success! Challenge accepted, and succeeded. Psychosis is something new to me that I’ve only started experiencing withing the last year. If you have it and are handling it, I give you immense props in your ability to overcome.

This coming month seems to look up! 🙂 My mood is stable, I’m focused and with my extra free time I’ve been able to train at the gym more often and enjoy running everyday in this beautiful fall weather. Keeping my mind and body right.

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